Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Murphy is napping for the moment...

Yes, just thought I'd share a pic of Chicken sitting IN our double sided fireplace.  A friend of mine told me I'd better watch out during the winter.  I told her I'd stick an apple in his mouth and be done with it.  HA!  The little stinker.

Murphy decided to give me a break so far this week.  VBS is going well and Punky and Chicken are loving it.  Punky is picking up some of the cutest songs and Chicken loooooves when we go back to the auditorium after class to sing.  His favorites are "My God is so big" and "This Little Christian Light."  Despite it being kind of rough getting into and out of the building, we spend the morning at VBS, eat lunch on our drive home and they go to bed for their nap about 30 minutes after we get in.  I'm starting to see the allure of putting them in day care a couple of days a week.  BUT, that's the selfish side of me talking and it obviously isn't anything I would do.  I'm just saying it's nice right now while I'm pregnant to have a little bit of a break this week!

I have my OB appointment tomorrow morning at 8 for another check to see where I'm at.  I figure I haven't progressed much if at all, despite these annoying HARD contractions.  She does feel even lower, if that's possible.  Still no name, either, btw.  Thanks, Hubby.  :oP

I'm off to do laundry.  Why oh why does someone not invent DISPOSABLE clothes?!


Anonymous said...

I guess if you had enough money any clothes could be disposable clothes. I feel your pain. Today is laundry day for me too. Glad to hear VBS is going so well. I love the picture. Isn't it funny what goes through their minds and then they actually do it. Have a great week!

Krystyn said...

Hopefully, you've made some progress. I'm glad VBS is going well. Maybe we'll do it next year!

That little stinker in the fireplace. You should see if you could get him an apple and take a picture....I'm sure future spouses would love that one!

Mandy said...

How cute!!! He is definitely a ham, cooked or uncooked!!! :)

Can't wait to meet the new little sis either!!! Hurry up HUBBY and you both decide on a name!!! What if we wanted to get a monogrammed gift or something. Ha-ha!

Stephanie said...

Good Luck at your appointment! I hope things progressed more than you are thinking they did.

And there's nothing wrong with thinking of daycare a few days a week ;)