Thursday, June 12, 2008

I did something creative!

I did something creative.  And it didn't take me a week to do it.  It DID take me a couple of hours, but I was quite proud of it!  For those of you who don't know, it's a hairbow for Punky.  It's a little big right now, but it matches one of her outfits and it's super cute.  I couldn't believe I, creator of nothing, created this little masterpiece!  

In other news, Chicken is sleeping in today.  As of 9:30 the poor little thing was still fast asleep.  Wednesday nights are always late for us because of church and last night we stayed and talked a little more than we normally would.  So, he's having to make up for it now it seems.  I'm about to make a run to the store and get some more "creative" things, so the little booger is going to have to wake up soon or Punky will be falling asleep.  She still wakes up at the same time, regardless of the late night, so she's always cranky on Thursdays.

Today marks the 4 week countdown, too.  If my doc induces at 38 weeks, I have exactly 4 more to go today.  I'm so excited to get this kid out and get her sleeping through the night.  If I could just skip past the knowledge of how little sleep I'm about to be going on, I think I could stand being pregnant and actually enjoy the newborn stage a little longer!

Ok, so now I hear Chicken, so I better go.  If I don't hurry and get to the store, it will be a nightmare!

Oh, and BTW, my mother-in-law is doing much better.  They contributed her dizzy spells to menopause.  Thanks to you who expressed concern and said a prayer on her behalf!  She's going home from the hospital today.


Anonymous said...

I love the bow. It is so cute. With boys you miss out on things like that. =-)

Krystyn said...

That bow is adorable! My daughter constantly says "boy, hair" but has practically no hair in which to put it! Oh, and she never sleeps in, either!

4 weeks..that's nice. I've still got 18!! And my doctor doesn't induce unless it is absolutely medically necessary!

Mandy said...

Your hairbow is gorgeous!!! I am even more motivated to make more now that I made some money off mine today and also after seeing your awesome creation. I had to go home and make one for Lulee right away. It didn't turn out half bad either. I will have to put a pic of it on my blog soon. I forgot to get batteries for the camera. :) Happy Bow making and maybe we could have a bow making/playdate sometime soon. :)

Jennifer Shirk said...

How did you do that bow? It's lovely! I'm so not creative like that.

Stephanie said...

That bow is amazing! I have no creative skills in my body. Wish I did though.

Yay for only 4 more weeks! There is an end in sight :)

OHmommy said...

Way to go.... I love it!!!!

Indy said...

Good job on the bow! I am impressed. Four weeks and counting! Hang in there.